Detailed information and special provisions

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Municipality of Ede
Waters within the municipality of Ede

Necessary documents:
VISpas + National list of fishing waters (Booklet) or the VISPlanner App (Android or iOS) linked to your VISpas number.

Fishing rights holder:
Hsv Voor Ons Plezier in Ede

With the exception of:
The Kreelseplas and the Heidebloempje located on the Ginkelse heath, the waters on the Beatrixplein, the private pond on the Raadhuislaan (the water next to the town hall in Ede) and the waters located on the defense grounds in Harskamp.. Fishing is prohibited between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. in all public waters within the built-up area of the municipality of Ede (with the exception of the Lukkien Pond). See Art.2.4.25 General Local Regulation Ede.

Exceptional provisions:
- It is forbidden to take fish!
- It is prohibited to keep pike or carp in your possession, keep net or other storage device (storage bag, or in a recovery sling for a long time). These species must be returned alive to the same water immediately after capture!
- Limited feeding is allowed.
- It is prohibited to fish from inaccessible banks (between reeds, trees and shrubs).

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